The Gwyllt Labyrinth, Portmeirion. OR672

by Rob Piercy



 Image size : 72 x 45cm
Framed size : 102 x 75cm

Beyond the village of Portmeirion in North Wales lies a wonderful wooded hillside. This whole area, part of Portmeirion was planted many years ago with all kinds of exotic trees and plants. Over the years nature took its toll and the woodland became overgrown and wild, hence its name. In Welsh Y Gwyllt is The Wilds. When Clough Williams Ellis the creator of Portmeirion took over the site the woodland area began to regain its original purpose, as a place where visitors to Portmeiiron could enjoy pleasant walks away from the hustle and bustle of the village.
However parts of Y Gwyllt still retains that wild, uncontrolled nature as is shown in this drawing of the Laurel wood.

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