Picture framing

In 2019 we opened our new print and framing shop on Snowdon Street in Porthmadog, next to the entrance to our gallery. We provide a full bespoke framing service for the community offering a reasonably extensive range of mouldings to suit all types of framing needs at a very competitive price.

Conservation framing

Do you have a cherished watercolour that is showing signs of age? Foxing - brown spots appearing on the surface of a painting - is a common issue with older paintings. The foxing has appeared because of impurities in the materials with which it was originally framed. It is difficult, or impossible, to cure but it can be halted - we use conservation quality mount boards and backing to cocoon the artwork within a safe acid free environment.


Do you have a dark painting which annoyingly reflects into the room like a mirror? Older non-reflective glass often has a dull look which killed the luminosity of a painting, but these days there are options which can take away almost all reflections, but still retain the transparency of standard glass.


Framing service for artists

If you are an artist planning an exhibition please get in touch, Gareth would be more than happy to discuss any framing issues that you may have.