Original Buying Guide

My materials

  • Watercolour: I use the best artist quality pigment for my watercolours, and avoid any colours which are known to be suspect (tendency to fade). For more info have a look at my blog post on the paints that I use.
    My watercolours are painted on T H Saunders Waterford paper, 600 gsm, NOT surface (this denotes the smoothness/ roughness of the surface) or Khadi handmade paper, also 600 gsm.
  • Drawings / Sketches: Again I only use the best quality materials for all sorts of drawings, pencil, charcoal, crayon, etc. on T H Saunders Waterford paper 300 gsm, HOT surface. This is a smooth surface, more akin to cartridge paper.
  • Oil: Like my watercolours I only use artist quality pigments, and only the best and safest medium for mixing and glazing. My usual support would be stretched canvas, but I often use painting board for small pieces.
  • Mixed Media: This could mean anything, a mix of watercolour, pastels, ink, oil, pastels etc. Normally I would use the Khadi paper for my mixed media work.

These materials, on top of the conservation quality of our framing guarantees that a Rob Piercy painting, if kept away from ultra violet rays, will last a very long time. 

Guide to the information on the Originals product pages

To help your browsing experience we have prepared a short guide to help you navigate the originals product pages.

  • Title and Index: At the top is the main title of the piece with an index number. When making an enquiry, please quote this index number as well as the title of the piece.
  • Price: This is the price inclusive of VAT.
  • Medium: This tells you what medium was used in the painting process.
  • Description: A few words to explain a bit about the painting. It could be a description of it's location or the inspiration behind the work.
  • Image size: This denotes the actual size of the image that you can see
  • Framed size: This denotes the external size of the frame.


Ordering originals from the site

 We have recently managed to aquire the services of a fine art shipper. He ships the art pieces from door to door with great care. The only drawback with his service is that he is a one man band and delivery is on his terms, dependent on his schedule. Therefore we cannot guarantee anything like next day delivery.

 If in any doubt about purchasing please contact us.

All originals over £300.00 are shipped carriage free to UK mainland. For shippinig outside UK mainland please contact the gallery.

For any further information on any of the originals please contact us.