Crib Goch and Crib y Ddysgl. (OR567)

by Rob Piercy



  • Image size : 68cm x 38cm.
  • Framed size : 90cm x 64cm

 The Snowdon group of mountains is formed into a horseshoe shape. The northern side of that horse shoe is formed of two 3000 foot high mountains connected by a long high ridge. To the north the land drops steeply down to the Afon Nant Peris, 2000 feet below. On the left of the painting is Crib Goch with steep challenging ridges climbing to its tiny summit. Further on is the Crib y Ddysgl ridge leading to Carnedd Ugain. A snow covered Snowdon can be seen beyond the ridge. This is an unusual landscape painting for the simple reason that it does not have two of the elements of a recognisable landscape painting, which is a foreground and middle distance. To achieve the great sense of awe and drama necessary in this painting I decided to eliminated these elements . 

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