The Dome and neighbours - Portmeirion. (OR625)

by Rob Piercy



  • Please be aware we are unablt to ship glazed artwork. See our Original Buying Guide for more information
  • Image size : 36cm x 25cm.
  • Framed size : 60cm x 49cm.

This loosely painted watercolour depicts the group of buildings that occupies the area to the south of the Dome. What a plethora of architectural styles on display here. Neo-classical, Art and Craft and Gothic, but not only did Clough Williams Ellis, the creator of Portmeirion put a period facade to a building, he would not worry about putting a totally different style of architecture to the back of the building. The blatantly neo-classical frontage of Bridge House here has an equally brazen art and craft rear, he gets away with this frivolous behaviour because he designed the building so that it is impossible to see both sides together at the same time.