New Prints

It's been some time since we launched a new print.....many reasons, mostly to do with the long drawn out conversion of our gallery, but eventually we have got round to adding to our portfolio of prints. A few weeks ago we released a Portmeirion print.....something slightly different I like it and I hope when we open our little shop in the village you will share my enthusiasm for it. For further details about this print visit :



This was not the end of our sudden frenzy in releasing new prints, with the season soon upon us we have decided to launch three more prints, two large limited edition prints and a smaller panoramic coastal scene. 

One of the larger prints is a bit of a departure for me in that the print is that of Tryfan mountain, but the mountain is relegated to a bit part with the main focus being a simple break in a stone wall, crudely blocked in with the ubiquitous bed head, all tied up again with the old favourite red bailing twine.

For further information on this print click on :


The other large limited edition print is far more traditional, a spectacular view of the Mawddach estuary from the popular vantage spot of the Panorama Walk above Barmouth.For further information on this print visit :

The third print is of a painting which I love. It depicts a group of wind sculptured rocks at the eastern end of Black Rock Sands near Porthmadog. Its magic I feel is the late afternoon summer sun illuminating its golden light on the rocks. For further information on this print visit  :



New Prints